Fever Ray @ Brixton Academy September 2010

Guest blogger: Steven Wilson-Beales
Karin Dreijer Andersson is known for being more than just a little odd. Whether it’s attending music awards or popping out to the local corner shop for packet of fags and a pint of milk, she usually looks like some bizarre extra from Dr.Who. Tonight is no different  – only this time lampshades and shamen are the order of the day with a nice teapot as a hat to boot. Nice.

Brixton Academy is completely black, someone has either forgotten to put 50 pence in the metre or it’s ART. The girl from Zola Jesus is darting left, right across the stage trying the find the audience through the smoke and then we’re left in silence as more dry ice is poured into the Academy. Cue ‘Triangle Walks’ and Fever Ray emerge behind a raft of laser beams and pulsating lampshades.

It’s like the weirdest listening party ever. It’s a great first solo album, but without the band moving much and Karin fixed to the spot there’s not much audience connection. We nod our heads but no one really knows how to dance to it.

Karin, we love you like some mighty alien queen surveying her kingdom – but still, a word here or there might have been nice.

Bizarre rating: 10/10
Tell your friends factor: 8/10
Music you can dance to factor: 1/10

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